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UN: Over 4,000 wildlife species still threatened by illegal trafficking despite...

Corruption further exacerbates the situation, with officials often ignoring violations, allowing traffickers to operate with impunity

Anti-mining activists killed in alarming numbers under Duterte

What has also continued – despite the killing of environmental defenders like Chad – is the advocacy work of environmental defenders

A 13-year fight for justice in Philippine activist’s murder

Ortega was a passionate defender of Palawan's environment, home to beautiful beaches, stunning coral reefs, and biodiverse forests

FAO: Asia-Pacific’s biodiversity loss threatens food security, habitats

While conflicts and climate crises are contributing factors, the diminishing biodiversity in natural forests is equally concerning

A Fresh Look at Nature’s Misunderstood Carnivores  — Hyenas

Protected areas and wildlife corridors are essential for providing safe havens where hyenas can roam freely and fulfill their ecological roles

Bangladesh influencers push tree planting to fight record heat

Now social media influencers are urging their followers to plant trees in a bid to make the city, and country, more liveable during heatwaves

SPOTLIGHT: Sweet Dreams (Are Made On Two Wheels)

Daring to dream of bicycle heaven in car-centric Philippines, advocates aim for a paradigm shift toward inclusivity and adoption of a sustainable lifestyle

Philippine settlement submerged by dam reappears due to drought

The ruins in the middle of Pantabangan Dam in Nueva Ecija province are a tourist draw, even as the region swelters in extreme heat

El Niño 2024: another disaster, another government failure

If it is at the heart of state policies, only then will Philippine science and technology progress and move forward to truly serve the people

Hong Kong’s tech city will destroy key wetland for birds: experts

The department will now "review in detail" the assessment and comments "raised by the public," before making a final decision

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