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From resurrection to resurrection

Christian commitment is sustained by trust in God. “Jesus replied, “My Father works until now, and I also work” (Jn 5:17). It is not enough to rush for the scoop or the spectacle of special effects. The communicative action is not the news, but the thin line that sustains its authenticity, news after news.

This is the place from which God works in the hidden. Christian communicative resistance supposes coherence in those values that seem, at times, to be hidden in the difficulties, but which remain in the depths. For this reason, the resurrection is news that endures in time and allows us to look to the future with optimism. 

The event of Christ’s resurrection is a breakthrough of the light at the end of the road in the concrete history of today, here and now. The call to be resurrected is not exclusive to the hour of death; it is a call that is repeated and realized in life. It is an open window that illuminates and aerates the everyday. It invites us to be dazzled and to breathe resurrection and lifts us to stand looking at the horizon.

It is the harsh reality that the signs of the times do not cease to trigger alarms. The context of warlike violence, political polarization, ecological destruction, and anthropological crisis, especially affects our mission. We practice communication in situations and places where the pitfalls and risks multiply: persecution of freedom, subjugation of the media to economic and political guidelines, and vital insecurity. However, we must remind ourselves that we walk between resurrections, the resurrection is underway by the grace of God.

The contemporary Jewish writer Amos Oz in his book “Against Fanaticism” wrote that in the face of an enormous calamity, for example, a fire, there are three options. First, to flee, as far and as fast as possible; second, to demand that those responsible be immediately dismissed from their positions. Or, third, grab a bucket of water and throw it on the fire and if there is no bucket, get a glass and if there is no glass, get a spoon and if not, get a teaspoon. Everyone has spoons or teaspoons. No matter how big the fire is, there are millions of us and each one of us who has a teaspoon can use it to put out the fire.

Firefighters in the midst of emergencies are part of the so-called “order of the teaspoon”. Of those who give value to the small, even if it seems useless. Of those who know that to unite wills is to make change possible, that the minuscule can be capital. Of those who roll up their sleeves personally rather than throw their hands up in the air or run away from ethical responsibilities.

The people of resurrection carry a teaspoon in their pocket, sometimes it is the typing on a computer, the rotundity of an image, or the voice of a testimony. In the seemingly crucified, God is at work speaking his voice in silence. We are being born again.

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