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The courageous child victims winning cases against abusers 

Justice was surely done and Ariela had won her case, the ninth victory for 2024 by the courageous Preda Children

Resurrection today and a chance to live again

They were just existing but not living, dead in spirit and then saved, rescued, cared for, and healed and they came back to life.

St. Patrick escaped slavery and freed thousands

There are an estimated 160 million child workers in the world today, 79 million of whom are doing dangerous tasks

SPOTLIGHT: No place like home

Wondering the streets and addicted to drugs, homeless children in Bangladesh finds a home in 'Khichuri'

We need more prosecutors and judges to give justice for children

We just have to work together for the nation and especially the abused children who hunger and thirst for justice.

Injustice and poverty causes child sexual abuse

Poverty is caused by the irresponsible rich who do not share their wealth to help end poverty and lift up the poor.


Commission calls on Church leaders to increase commitment and resources to promote safeguarding everywhere

Vatican commission calls for strong focus on child protection at Synod

Pope Francis has consistently and resolutely voiced the imperative of combatting child abuse within the Church during his pontificate

Pope Francis calls for whole-of-society approach to combat child abuse

The pope stressed that the issue should not be exclusive to the Church but also a collective responsibility of society

The confession of child abuse by the Catholic Church

Pope Francis has enacted instructions and church laws that demand bishops admit mistakes and stop protecting pedophile priests

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