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Voices of faith | Indigenous Peoples in Asia: Kreung

The prevailing notion of development is paradoxically leading to the degradation of nature, placing our wildlife in jeopardy of extinction

Sand mining in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta sinks homes, livelihoods

At the current extraction rate of 35-55 million cubic metres a year, there will be no more sand by 2035, according to the WWF-led study

Climate activists protest against fossil gas promotion in Asia

The demonstrators criticized Aboitiz and JERA for their ongoing promotion of fossil gas in the Asian region.

‘Ghost of the mountains’

One of the fundamental strategies for conserving snow leopards is the establishment of protected areas and reserves in their habitats

Laudate Deum: Definitive call for climate action

Laudate Deum is a pastoral message by the pope written directly for Catholics to make clear commitments on climate change

Harmful invasive plant and animal species pose severe threat to nature:...

Invasive plant and animal species that have been relocated from their original habitats due to human actions are causing massive economic impacts and immeasurable...

Pope Francis extols Mongolia’s ecological wisdom, calls for global conservation

"You help us to appreciate and carefully cultivate what we Christians consider to be God's creation, the fruit of His benevolent design"

Pope Francis warns of technological domination, threat to human ecology

Pope Francis also warned of the “false notion of freedom” offered by the ideologies of communism and consumerism

Pope Francis discusses ‘ecological conversion’ with Buddhist monks

Pope Francis defined “ecological conversion” as “true repentance”

Indonesian archdiocese calls for ‘ecological repentance’

Ecological repentance is important in fixing ecology, “which is in danger because greedy people cut down trees and pollute the air”

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