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Bishop says current basic wage in Philippines ‘unjust’

Bishop Alminaza said that in the Philippines “what we call ‘minimum wage’ is not necessarily a just wage, or a living wage, or a family wage”

Philippine Church, labor groups back calls for wage increase

“As the Bible says, the laborer deserves his wages,” read a statement issued by the NCCP for Labor Day

Time to prioritize social justice

Globally, real wages have fallen, poverty is rising, inequality seems more entrenched than ever

A safe and healthy working environment is a fundamental right for...

A safe and healthy working environment is now a fundamental right for each and every worker

Tears, protests 10 years since Bangladesh factory tragedy

The Rana Plaza tragedy on April 24, 2013 was one of the world's worst industrial disasters

Christian, Hindu garbage collectors in India demand work after losing jobs

The workers were fired without prior notification after working at a facility for at least 17 years

Philippine women workers march to call for end of ‘contractualization’ of...

Aside from the Herrera law, the government has implemented policies that the activists said made life worse for Filipino workers

‘Work without limits:’ Japan’s teachers battle for change

A 2018 OECD survey found Japanese middle school teachers work 56 hours a week, versus an average 38 hours in most developed countries

Unable to make ends meet, thousands commit suicide in India

The share of the economically vulnerable group in the overall number of suicide cases has been increasing steadily since 2014

Asia-Pacific: Two out of three workers employed in the informal sector

A report published this week revealed that the workers in Asia are not “productive, protected, and healthy” enough

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