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On Pentecost, Language, and Gift of Tongues

It is better to prophesy for what is right rather than consider ourselves different by speaking esoteric languages.

God’s spirit in all things, an ongoing Pentecost

Our ancestors respect nature; the spirits live there. Before we cut a tree, we ask permission from the spirits.

Pope Francis on Pentecost: The Holy Spirit’s work in us is...

“Come, Creator Spirit, enlighten our minds, fill our hearts with your grace, guide our steps, grant your peace to our world.”

On Pentecost, Pope Francis says Holy Spirit can bring harmony to...

Pope Francis urged Catholics to invoke the Holy Spirit daily upon the whole world to bring unity and peace

Pentecost 2022: Full text of Pope Francis’ homily

"The Holy Spirit ... wants us to concentrate on the here and now, because the time and place in which we find ourselves are ... grace-filled"

The Spirit of Catholicity

We must always be reminded that Catholicity is not an illusory celebration of sameness, but a courageous approval of inevitable divergences

Everything you need to know about Pentecost

Pentecost always occurs 50 days after the death and resurrection of Jesus, and ten days after his ascension into heaven

Pentecost Sunday: Let the Spirit of Peace and Freedom Shower on...

"Let a new Myanmar of Peace and reconciliation rise through the power of the Holy Spirit"

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