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International rights group hits China for renaming Uyghur villages to suppress...

The implications of these changes are profound, according to HRW, impacting Uyghurs' daily lives and cultural continuity

Colleagues of VOA Uyghur journalist jailed for their links to him

“Their arrest was not a random occurrence,” Kashgar said. “These individuals have committed no crimes.”

Children protest ‘Genocide Tourism’ to Tibet

They do not intend to hurt anybody; they just want to tell the tourists that staged tours are not welcome.

United Nations agency accused of neglecting jailed Uyghurs in Thailand

“The internal documents suggest that China’s influence also extends to the UN’s refugee agency, rights advocates who reviewed the documents"

Interfaith conference seeks to raise awareness about Uyghur genocide

An estimated 1.8 million mostly Muslim Uyghurs and other Turkic ethnic groups have passed through “re-education” camps in Xinjiang

Uyghur activist receives Roosevelt freedom of worship award

“Me, standing here, accepting this prestigious award is a strong message to the Chinese government that we will not be silenced"

Uyghurs remember 1990 Baren Uprising over China’s forced abortions

The death toll from the Baren uprising – put down by Chinese troops – ranges from a couple dozen to as many as 3,000

Live from Kashgar! See the Uyghurs sing and dance

The mostly Muslim Uyghurs traditionally don't even celebrate the Lunar New Year, also known as the Spring Festival

Spirit of Uyghurs is celebrated in paintings of ‘Home’

The competition is a way for Uyghurs living in the diaspora to preserve their culture, language, and religion amid persecution

How Beijing weaponizes global Chinese diaspora against dissent

Countries that prioritize human rights should work together to counter Beijing’s blatant misuse of its global status

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