Police have no business demanding information on students’ faith from schools
Shortening the process of church-decreed annulment would be a ‘more accepted’ option for some legislators

Orwellian state: How the party controls the life of China’s people

It’s not the revolution that will be televised but rather the exercise of control that is

Standing up for the environment in the Philippines

Irresponsible mining goes on unabated in various parts of the country

Witnesses to the Gospel

Men and women of the cloth in the Philippines, having followed the footsteps of the crucified Christ, have suffered different forms of crucifixion

Understanding Hinduism

Aside from being expected to conform to one’s caste, each individual is also expected to live in a particular way corresponding to his or her current stage of life

‘Activist bishop’ takes over Manila Archdiocese

While the Philippines waits for Cardinal Tagle's replacement, an 'activist bishop' has to forge on with his prophetic reminders in Manila

Divide-and-conquer: China’s illiberal influence in Afghanistan

Dragging us back to the time of competing empires, in the nuclear age, is a recipe for disaster

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