"The poor, always and everywhere, evangelize us, because they enable us to discover in new ways the true face of the Father"
Much can be reflected upon and learned from the sturdiness and silence of trees, from how it passively receives the providence of God

Protecting the planet

If we want to continue to admire the forests, the dolphins, the birds and creatures of the planet, we have to preserve and protect it

Parents and the Internet for good and bad

The smart phone, while it can be used for education and learning and positive and inspiring communication, has its dark dangerous side

Immense love

How abusive of us when we are unsure of our love such that we remain indifferent and instrumental to the deterioration of the human condition

The oceans under serious threat

It is greed that causes the overfishing, pollution, the plastic and chemicals poured into our oceans that are destroying our planet

Remembering the dead as we await our own ‘transitus’

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken our confidence about the longevity of life and increased the surety of death. We recognize the certainty of death could now be more imminent than we imagine.

‘An earnest appeal’ of Cardinal Charles Maung Bo of Myanmar

Statement of Cardinal Charles Maung Bo of Yangon following the reported attack on churches in eastern Myanmar

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