Govt needs to wean the nation off its addiction to migrant workers, but Malaysians just don’t want to do the dirty jobs
Man — not nature — ushered in famine on the island’s vast plains

Finding God in the digital age

Searching for God in the digital age does not all lead in the right direction nor provide the necessary nourishment for one’s faith life

A vicious cycle of poverty and suffering

Poverty has been and has always been inflicted upon those who have the least resistance

SPOTLIGHT: Mulan – Disney’s deal with the devil

Live-action movie Mulan is one of Disney’s most expensive productions and it’s also now becoming one of most unprincipled

Muslim lawmaker’s booze comments spark furious religious row in Malaysia

Islamic scholar tells parliament that Christians distorted the Bible over alcohol consumption

Condemning history to a lie: The fantasy that was Marcos

You’d think the despot and looter of the country’s wealth would nevermore be remembered after what he and his cronies did

Malaysian govt targets opposition leader with dubious corruption charges

Prime minister fires latest salvo in long war to break Lim Guan Eng’s resolve — and break his party

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