If China exceeds US military power, the international system, international norms and international laws as we know them will vanish
Authorities are now threatening dissenters with sedition and fast tracking cases through the courts

Duterte’s allies in Congress want to dictate news coverage

Legislators statements indicate a desire to trap news outfits behind steel bars of state-controlled news management

Treating citizens like cattle

Philippine govt’s three-month lockdown — the world’s longest — was full of jaw-dropping incidents of chaos and brutality

Pastoral care: Going on the ‘offence’ during COVID-19

Missionary priest brings Mass to Cambodian Catholic homes amid pandemic lockdown

From the lens of power in the Philippines

Genuine people — unlike powerful politicians, powerful businesspeople and powerful celebrities — do not need power

Rural poor lose as politics sours Malaysia’s digital dreams

Minister U-turns on mobile communications awards, amid accusations of cronyism and lack of transparency

COVID-19 in the Philippines: The dark night seems endless

But amidst the suffering, there are church people being examples of the Lord’s mercy and compassion

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