The greatest feast of Christianity comes during the saddest days in Myanmar's history, says Cardinal Bo
The crucified and risen Lord is comfort for those who have lost their jobs or experience serious economic difficulties and lack adequate social protection, pope says in Easter message

SPOTLIGHT: Western democracies grapple with how to close down China’s atrocities...

Governments sanction Chinese officials for their treatment of Uyghurs, but there seems no plan for what to do next

When the Church gathers, it’s Christ who unites us

It is the Word of God that corrects very short-sighted human views

The motivations of Judas Iscariot

Judas followed Jesus for the wrong reasons, he wanted Jesus to fulfill his unfulfilled dreams in life

The silence of God and the loudness of evil

God will not capitulate to the ways of the great pretender and deceiver who bullies his way around by building his tower of Babel

How will Malaysian govt respond to landmark case over use of...

In the multicultural country ‘Allah’ is the ubiquitous term for ‘God’, adopted by Muslims and Christians alike

The gift

Since only God’s grace can help us achieve it, the harmony of the kingdom of God is thus, a precious gift

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