Pope Francis calls for ‘principle of subsidiarity’ in responding to crises

Let’s not try to reconstruct the past, let’s look forward to new things, pope says

Cardinal Tagle recovers from COVID-19

The 63-year old cardinal tested positive for COVID-19 upon his recent arrival in Manila

Vatican reaffirms teaching: Euthanasia is ‘intrinsically evil act’

Catholics reminded to accompany the sick and dying through prayer, physical presence and sacraments

Home for the destitute and dying ‘restores faith in the goodness...

Care and love given to those discarded by society in Indian state of Karnataka

Church needs to ‘go out,’ says Pope Francis

God gives us more than the human family deserves or merits, pope says

Finding God in the digital age

Searching for God in the digital age does not all lead in the right direction nor provide the necessary nourishment for one’s faith life

Missing image of Child Jesus found in Philippines after 32 years

It’s truly providential that image will return for next year’s celebration of anniversary of arrival of Christianity in Philippines, priest says

Pope Francis renews warning against exploitation of nature

Whoever lives to exploit nature ends up exploiting people and treating them as slaves, pope says

Philippine bishop calls on church leaders to ‘amplify prophetic voice’

The country is under a dictatorship hidden in the guise of populism, Bishop Pabillo says

Philippines plans to close cemeteries on All Souls’ Day

Filipinos usually visit cemeteries en masse to visit their departed loved ones for the annual observance

SPOTLIGHT: Franciscan church stands witness to 500 years of Philippine Christianity

Pope Francis bestowed the title minor basilica to the parish on July 9, the day before the 158th anniversary of the canonization of San Pedro Bautista

Cardinal Parolin admits nothing much has come from Vatican-China deal

On the same day an anonymous Vatican source said the pope has greenlighted renewing the accord

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