Amid lockdown, Philippines’ Duterte falls back on kill threats

Supplies are low, Duterte grudgingly admitted, because the govt did not expect the contagion to spread so fast

‘Let’s get our priorities right’

Or end up with an even darker future for humanity, warns Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle

Misplaced priorities spark protests by hungry poor

Casual laborers and day workers who eke out a living on the streets of Manilla are badly affected by govt’s quarantine orders

Lockdown leaves Malaysia’s poor in dire straits

As the country braces for the long-term financial impact of the coronavirus, one-off govt handouts will not suffice

Cardinal Zen blasts WHO for ‘pathetically shying away’ from Taiwan’s coronavirus...

Former bishop of Hong Kong questions whether WHO can be trusted

Philippines gets act together, races to open quarantine centers

Officials hope the new quarantine facilities and dormitories, and expanded testing capacity, will help defuse social tensions

Top WHO official hangs up on reporter for raising Taiwan coronavirus...

Taiwan has been an outlier in preventing a serious outbreak from occurring within its borders despite its proximity to China

Popsicle shop turned shelter for Manila’s homeless ordered closed

Church institutions in the Philippine capital have already opened schools and facilities as temporary shelters for the homeless

Front-line heroes in the Philippines become pariahs as contagion fears grow

Insecurity drives people into panic mode, prompting dog-eat-dog survival instincts

Rights groups warn Thailand against using coronavirus to clamp down on...

Thai govt has granted itself virtually unlimited powers under the guise of the COVID-19 crisis

Ecumenical church group welcomes Philippine truce

The Philippine Ecumenical Peace Platform said peace is very much needed in these trying times

Philippine lockdown hurts long-neglected sectors the most

The deprived in society already live tough lives because of inadequate nutrition and poor sanitation, making them vulnerable to a host of medical conditions