Detained Indian Jesuit priest, Stan Swamy, found to have COVID-19

Father Swamy reportedly had fever, severe cough, headache, and an upset stomach in the past days

Singapore PM in court over defamation case against news blog writer

The prime minister appeared briefly in court via video conference to reaffirm his affidavits

Police arrest suspected suicide bombers targeting churches in Papua

The suicide bombers planned to target several churches in the region between Merauke city and the border with Papua New Guinea

Southeast Asia’s coronavirus surge prompts shutdowns and alarm

A sharp rise in coronavirus cases from new variants in parts of Southeast Asia has prompted new restrictions

Philippines suspends deployment of Filipino workers to Saudi Arabia

Filipino workers are reportedly being required by their employers to shoulder the costs of health and safety protocol for COVID-19

Indonesia court gives hardline cleric jail term for flouting COVID-19 curbs

Muslim cleric Rizieq Shihab has been sentenced to eight months in prison and fined US$1,400 for breaching coronavirus curbs

Rights groups note ‘possible improvement’ in Philippines’ probe into ‘war on...

Rights groups, however, warn of 'another tokenistic and cynical mirage, a puny, even if sincere, desire at real institutional reforms'

Cambodia’s garment workers struggle to pay debts as lockdown bites

Coronavirus lockdown in Cambodia leaves tens of thousands of low-paid textile workers without income

Marawi siege anniversary: ICRC helps families remember missing loved ones

Beyond the psychological pain of not knowing what has happened to their loved ones, families of the missing have other needs

COVID vaccines create new billionaires, says global vaccine alliance

The new billionaires have cashed in on the success of COVID vaccines, according to the People’s Vaccine Alliance

Muslim religious leaders in Pakistan back Christian nurses in blasphemy case

A Muslim religious leader has been praised for playing an "important role in defusing the situation"

Indian Jesuit priest Stan Swamy back in jail after short hospital...

Friends of the priest earlier called for immediate medical care for the 84-year-old Jesuit after he developed symptoms of COVID-19 infection

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