Rights group warns of coronavirus ‘tinderbox’ in Myanmar displacement camps

Years of 'conflict, abuse, and neglect' leave most vulnerable in peril

Manila’s homeless find shelter in Catholic institutions

Sheltering the homeless is one act of compassion that leaves no doubt we can prevail over this grave crisis

Displaced tribal children stuck in Manila’s lockdown

Social distancing is almost impossible in refugee camps and centers because the situation and location are preventing people to do so

India’s internet curbs in Kashmir hamper coronavirus fight

Kashmir residents unable to access information on how to deal with deadly virus

Vitriol and violence: A coronavirus death exposes paranoia in India

Disinformation and scorn can fan paranoia and even violence in a country already reeling from the worst communal riots in years between Muslims and Hindus

Actual Wuhan coronavirus death toll may exceed 40,000

Residents speak of round the clock cremations and 'hush money'

Mothers and their babies locked up in Cambodian prisons

In Cambodia, children are forced to serve time with poor mothers convicted of petty crimes

CCTV used inside China’s Three-Self churches to monitor sermons

Cameras also used to see if minors or party members are visiting churches

Fate of Malaysia’s missing hangs in the balance

National human rights commission accuses police of enforced disappearances, but the culprits are unlikely to face justice

Chinese media muzzle may have led to pandemic: Press freedom group

Govt negligence and need for control hindered efforts to curb new coronavirus

SPOTLIGHT: Beijing’s bullying of the foreign media, another reason to decouple...

Academics and journalists walk on eggshells when writing about China because they know the Chinese Communist Party is looking over their shoulder

Amnesty finds Thai conscripts face ‘beatings and sexual abuse’

Amnesty International says 'full chain of command bears responsibility for culture of violence and degradation'