Taiwan says Dalai Lama welcome to visit, a trip that would...

In a birthday message via video link to supporters in Taiwan, the Dalai Lama said he would like to visit again

Philippine church leaders call new terror law ‘morally wrong’

New law is taking the country down the wrong path, Catholic bishops say

Violent mob forces Christian families to flee village in northern India

Hindu hardliners ransacked home, threatened women with raped, death to the men

Asian Catholic bishops warn against Hong Kong’s new national security law

New law broadens powers of local and mainland authorities to investigate, prosecute, and punish those deemed as dissenters

Rights groups dismayed over Philippine reaction to UN human rights report

Faith-based groups, rights activists say they are reasonably cynical about statements made by govt

US authorities seize another shipment of human hair from China

Exporters are from China’s far west Xinjiang region where more than a million Uyghurs are held in detention camps

Cardinal Zen says Beijing’s new security law threatens religious freedom in...

The bishop emeritus of Hong Kong also called out the Vatican for remaining silent on the situation, noting that the Holy See might still be hoping to establish diplomatic relations with China

China passes sweeping Hong Kong security law, heralding authoritarian era

Security legislation to supersede existing Hong Kong laws where there is a conflict, mainland Chinese authorities can exercise jurisdiction over some major cases

International theologians condemn ‘red-tagging’ of Filipino Benedictine nun

Newspaper columnist accused nun of being a ranking official of the Communist Party of the Philippines

Uyghurs subjected to ‘demographic genocide’

Report says Chinese Communist Party controls birth rates of ethnic Uyghur communities with abortion, forced sterilization

Thousands in western Myanmar flee as army plans operations, monitors say

The Myanmar army has been fighting Arakan Army, a group from the largely Buddhist Rakhine ethnic group that is seeking greater autonomy

Facebook seen as a vehicle enflaming already existing social divisions in...

To address concerns, Facebook says they now have 120 plus Burmese speakers monitoring their platform for hate speech

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