Chinese govt does whatever it wants without considering international community, Bishop Broderick Pabillo says
Majority surveyed believe God is much bigger than the COVID-19 health crisis, Radio Veritas 846 president says

US bishops call for prayers to mark 75th year of Hiroshima,...

They also renewed calls for global disarmament of nuclear weapons

Editing history: Hong Kong publishers self-censor under new security law

Veteran local publisher describes 2020 as ‘the most terrifying year’

Christian pastor slain by Maoist militants in west Indian state

Murder of pastor is the third case of a Christian being killed for their faith in India within a month , rights group says

Pope Francis ‘saddened’ by Hagia Sophia’s conversion to mosque

Since 1935, Hagia Sophia had served as a symbol of secularization as well as unity, being open to members of all faiths

Myanmar’s religious leaders call for unity, peace amid conflict

They have urged Myanmar’s people to prepare for a future after COVID-19

Bangladesh’s Archbishop Costa dies from brain hemorrhage

In mid-June the archbishop was diagnosed suffering from COVID-19 but he was later cleared of the virus

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