Bishop encourages Catholics to become ‘agents of good news, never bad news, never fake news’
Church agency has implemented special relief program in the Indian capital suited to the needs of differently abled people

Filipino priest celebrates Mass in flooded chapel amid pandemic

For almost a year now, Father Garcia has been celebrating Mass in the flooded chapel

Cambodian hospitality, tourism workers in dire straits due to pandemic

They’re struggling to make ends meet as promised govt financial support fails to materialize

‘Communion of souls’ through technology in Philippines

Pandemic lockdown forced clergy to finally dive into social media, bishop says

SPOTLIGHT: Pandemic worsens situation of young mothers in conflict areas

People in conflict areas are left with nowhere to go as aid deliveries have lessened or stopped due to travel restrictions

South Asia scrambles to bring home crisis-hit migrant workers

About 40 million South Asians work overseas, mainly in the oil-rich Gulf, sending vital remittances back home

From gadget addiction to anxiety: Pandemic takes its toll on mental...

Online hospital survey found that 30 percent of respondents across India showed signs of depression

Filipino priest’s organic farm inspires others to plant during lockdown

His secret for a beautiful garden: You just need to give it tender loving care every day

‘There’s a lot of anxiety, anger,’ as Filipinos deal with lockdown

Mental stress is across the board in the Philippines during the pandemic

Muslims, Hindus in locked-down India go digital for funerals, but not...

‘I hope God will forgive us for any mistakes committed but times like these are indeed bizarre and unnatural’

Philippine church people walk with poor amid threats, challenges

First part: Churches in Philippines struggle to help those battered by pandemic This is the second of three parts.

In Japan’s elder-care homes, coronavirus tests limits of overstretched staff

About 28 percent of Japanese are over 65 and the country has long struggled to staff elder homes

Churches in Philippines struggle to help those battered by pandemic

The upending of work and social patterns has sparked a mental health crisis in a country that lags badly in health care metrics

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