Young man among 12 activists now in custody of Chinese authorities after a failed attempt to flee by boat to Taiwan
Many village women when pregnant won’t see a doctor, nor eat enough food — Caritas aims to change that

Home for the destitute and dying ‘restores faith in the goodness...

Care and love given to those discarded by society in Indian state of Karnataka

SPOTLIGHT: Humanitarian crisis drives children in Philippines conflict areas into early...

A bill that aims to make child marriage illegal has passed initial discussions in the country’s Senate

China sharply expands mass labor program in Tibet

Communist govt is pushing growing numbers of Tibetan rural laborers off the land and into military-style training centers

‘Water has done miracles for us’

Caritas water management training helps struggling farming communities in India

Coronavirus stigma runs deep and dangerous in Indonesia

Stigma of COVID-19 has stopped many people from getting tested in fear of being shunned

SPOTLIGHT: Franciscan church stands witness to 500 years of Philippine Christianity

Pope Francis bestowed the title minor basilica to the parish on July 9, the day before the 158th anniversary of the canonization of San Pedro Bautista

Vietnamese in Cambodia: Stateless, discriminated and in fear of deportation

Ethnic Vietnamese, born and raised in Cambodia, often discriminated against and sometimes victims of violent racist attacks

‘Lower caste’ Catholics in India seek representation in Church’s power structure

India’s Constitution officially abolished caste distinctions in 1949 but its enduring legacy of discrimination continues, including in the Church

An illness as dangerous as COVID-19 is spreading in the Philippines

Numbers of people seeking help for mental health issues has risen since the pandemic began

Three years after exodus, Myanmar erases names of Rohingya villages

UN map makers follow suit with at least three maps showing a number of Rohingya village names having disappeared or been reclassified by Myanmar

More Indian workers at risk of suicide due to financial hardships...

Pandemic has destroyed livelihoods of many of the country’s poor

Devotion to Blessed Virgin Mary inspires mission to Philippines’ poorest communities

Virgin Mary inspires many devotees to translate devotion into a concrete involvement in missionary life

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