The handling of the coronavirus issue ‘connects all Hong Kong people in terms of anti-government sentiment’
Filipinos of different faiths share their experiences of finding meaning in their respective religions

Arbitrary despotism: How China’s Uyghur Muslims are being locked up for...

A ‘strike first policy’ ostensibly in reaction to an act of terrorism has snowballed into a campaign criminalizing simple acts of faith

India’s use of facial recognition tech during protests causes stir

Critics say govt use of technology puts India on the path to China-style mass surveillance

India’s battle with cancer: Many suffer, die unable to afford specialized...

Caritas India has several programs where the treatment costs are met by the church agency

Plan to shutter Islamic schools in Indian state sparks minority fears

Critics say move is latest step to undermine secular foundations of country

Old Philippine churches no match for destructive disasters

Religious traditions in the Philippines are anchored on the physical presence of churches in almost all towns and cities

Love in the time of online dating

There’s nothing wrong with social media or online dating if you really want to find a partner, but these tools must not be used to disrespect and deceive others, priest says

Expose reveals child labor in Cambodian brick kilns despite crackdown

Behind growing demand for bricks, extreme heat, dangerous machinery and poor sanitation have created a vicious cycle of poverty, illness and debt

Cambodia’s night-shift workers lose sleep over benefit cut

Govt plans to withdraw a 30 percent bonus that the country’s night-shift workers currently receive

Devotion to St. Anthony transcends faiths in Bangladesh

Local Catholics amazed by increasing participation of non-Christian devotees in annual pilgrimage

Coronavirus turns busy Chinese cities into ghost towns

Spreading epidemic has killed more than 900 people and infected more than 40,000 in China

Beleaguered Philippine bishop keeps the faith

For the Bishop Pablo Virgilio S. David, threats are all in a day's work, pushing him to soldier on in hope that the darkness shall soon pass

Amid hydropower boom, Laos streams ahead on latest Mekong dam

Laos' unprecedented dam-building boom has seen around 50 dams built in the last 15 years, with at least 50 more under construction

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