But church agency is doing its bit to fill the gap by informing local communities about preventative measures
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Vitriol and violence: A coronavirus death exposes paranoia in India

Disinformation and scorn can fan paranoia and even violence in a country already reeling from the worst communal riots in years between Muslims and Hindus

Mothers and their babies locked up in Cambodian prisons

In Cambodia, children are forced to serve time with poor mothers convicted of petty crimes

Filipino community workers cope to support women amid pandemic

Aside from maternal and family planning, the clinics also provide reproductive health services for adolescents and counseling for victims of violence against women

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India’s soul has been torn apart by brutality, Delhi’s archbishop says

On duty, off-duty, Philippines’ young doctors race to save lives

Young doctors know theirs is a stopgap measure until 'the govt gets its act together' and the poor get the help they need

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Large loans, low pay keep Cambodians stuck in slavery-like conditions

Church, artists deliver hot meals for front-line health workers in Philippines

Redemptorist priest says that in the midst of crisis, ‘Filipinos are always there for each other’

Coronavirus crisis transforms popsicle shop into shelter for Manila’s homeless

It’s become a refuge for those with nowhere to go during quarantine measures

Filipinos go online to help front-line workers fight COVID-19

Group of young Methodists raise funds online to buy protective equipment for front-line health workers in hospitals

Filipino authorities balk as church center opens doors for poor

Police and village officials dispersed street dwellers who lined up outside Manila's center for the homeless

China’s internal security force on frontlines of Hong Kong protests

The paramilitary People's Armed Police presence in Hong Kong is as many as 4,000 personnel

Filipinos show acts of kindness amid COVID-19 pandemic

Retired bishop says many saints and heroes are born in the midst of crisis