Caritas Germany joined Caritas India to help Odisha coastal communities adopt innovative farming practices
Since 2010, there have been 178 unlawful killings of civilians by security forces in the Papua region, according to rights group

Vatican taking right steps toward ‘reconciliation’ with Church in China, says...

The Vatican is doing everything ‘to assure a normal life for the Church in China,’ which he says is suffering from persecution

China found using surveillance firms to help write ethnic-tracking specs

Damning report comes amid growing global scrutiny over Beijing's treatment of Uyghur Muslims

Carlito’s Way: A journey from Manila’s streets to a chapel for...

‘They helped and cared for me. Now, I want to stay and work here so that I can help and care for others,’ Carlito says

‘Familial terrorism’: How personal ties link suicide bombings in Southeast Asia

Makassar church bombing was the third such attack perpetrated by husband and wife suicide bombers from Indonesia in recent years

SPOTLIGHT: Thai Catholics assist refugees fleeing Myanmar

Many of the refugees are hiding in the jungle around the Thanlyin River which marks the Thai-Myanmar border

Once heroes, India’s ex-Gulf workers forge new futures

Once they came home wealthy and revered, bearing gold, sunglasses, clothes and funds to buy homes, now they return penniless

Rohingya refugees in northern India fear an uncertain future

Threat of deportation looms for more than 150 Rohingya refugees recently detained by police

SPOTLIGHT: Amid military violence, Myanmar’s people find empathy and solidarity

City people now see military differently, they now feel empathy with ethnic minorities, says Karen man

Children suffer the most as pandemic pushes millions of Indians into...

Millions of children live in a precarious situation, many of them will never enter the gates of a school again

Church people stand by slain tribal leader in northern Philippines

Church groups say the killings of tribal people ‘an attempt to silence’ them in their fight against the mega-dam project

SPOTLIGHT: Philippine environment defenders in the crosshairs of red-taggers

Red-tagging of individuals and groups have led to illegal arrests, harassment, and extra-judicial killings

Pregnant Indian woman loses unborn child after being beaten for converting...

Mob of hard-line Hindu men attack prayer service in remote central India

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