Climate change played a role in the severity of the rains and floods, but other factors also contributed to the damage
Pope Francis’ prayer intention for the month of May is that young people will follow the example of the Virgin Mary

Bongbong Marcos: Philippine dictator’s son leads race to succeed Duterte

Vowing to unify the country, Marcos has made sweeping promises to boost jobs and tackle rising prices as part of a pathway out of the pandemic

Legalizing Bangladesh ‘easy bike’ taxis could drive safer, greener industry

A court decision overturning an earlier ban on three-wheelers paves the way for them to be made legal

Risking jail and Church ire, Russian priests condemn Ukraine conflict

Only a handful of priests from the Russian Orthodox Church have spoken out openly against the Kremlin's military campaign

As living costs surge, climate change takes a backseat in elections

As COVID-19 has worsened economic and social inequalities, jobs and livelihoods have dominated election campaigns

Dalits, Indigenous Peoples in India have shorter life span, says study

Research studies suggest that life expectancy varies with different social characteristics, caste, religion, and region

Restoring damaged land key to climate, biodiversity goals

Global food systems are responsible for 80 percent of deforestation and 70 percent of freshwater use, said a new UN report

SPECIAL FEATURE: Observing Ramadan in India’s Kashmir state

Kashmir, the only Muslim majority state of India, observes Ramadan this year without the health restrictions imposed in the past two years

Philippine ‘Avengers’ battle disinformation before election

From lawyers to priests, Philippine fact-checking coalitions are fighting fake news on platforms like YouTube, Facebook and TikTok

Breeding hope in Indonesia

A man in Indonesia breeds catfish to support the operational costs of his ministry even during the pandemic

All in the family: Philippine dynasties tighten grip on power

Elite families have long ruled the poverty-ravaged nation, holding on to positions of power for generations by dishing out favors

People across Asia pedal for climate action to prevent ‘climate catastrophe’

The event called on the government and businesses to step up climate change action to save the planet from a "climate catastrophe"

Photos: ‘Pedal for People and Planet’

Coordinated rides were held in major cities across Asia to raise awareness on the impacts of climate change on people and the region

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