Photo gallery: Filipino Muslim community devastated by typhoon

Images offer a glimpse to how people are trying to cope and rebuild their lives

Watch: India’s COVID-19 crisis

Govt has been criticized for its handling of crisis, many people on the brink of starvation

Photo gallery: Philippine communities rise from devastation after typhoon

Locals rely on themselves in rebuilding their community, they say their plight has been overlooked

Photo gallery: Super Typhoon ‘Rolly’ pummels Philippines’ Bicol region

Catastrophic winds and torrential rains toppled cell towers in several towns of region where at least 16 people were reported killed

Over exploitation of natural resources needs to end, pope says

Today, not tomorrow, we have to take care of Creation responsibly, pope says in prayer intention

Myanmar villagers protest Chinese owned coal-fired plant

Locals say pollution from controversial plant is ruining agricultural land and endangers their health

Photo gallery: Child labor in Philippines’ small-scale gold mines

Philippine laws prohibit anyone under the age of 18 to engage in hazardous work, but children risk their lives in gold mining sites to help their families

Spotlight: Joblessness forces Manila’s poor workers back to provinces

It was not a happy homecoming — there were no family members to meet the workers who were turned over to officials of their respective villages

Photo gallery: Cry for help from Filipino victims of Typhoon Ambo

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, many have lost their homes

Photo gallery: Church of the poor in midst of pandemic

As part of the Feast of Our Lady of Grace food was distributed to those most affected by lockdown

Photo gallery: Fishing village struggles to survive amid the pandemic

In recent years, the fisherfolk have been complaining of lesser catch

Photo gallery: Manila’s urban poor endure lockdown

‘It is a time bomb waiting to explode,’ says community leader about the threat of COVID-19

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