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Pope Francis defends conscientious objection to abortion, euthanasia

Protection of one’s conscience is the ethical right of every health professional, and can never be negotiated

Respect Life: Pope Francis’ 8 strongest statements against abortion

Pope Francis’ public statements on abortion have been more graphic and striking than even some of the pro-life statements of his predecessors

China calls for limits on ‘non-medical’ abortions

China has been gradually easing restrictions to encourage couples to have more children, after a record-low number of births last year

Pope Francis decries abortion, euthanasia as treating human life like ‘waste’

Pope Francis said that the elderly today were also viewed as “waste material” and “of no use” in today’s throwaway culture

Pope says abortion is ‘murder,’ urges priests not to be political...

Church law says a Catholic who procures an abortion automatically excommunicates themselves from the Church

Thai Catholics affirm to be ‘voice of the unborn child’

Catholics hold pro-life seminar after lawmakers vote in favor of allowing abortion up to 12 weeks of pregnancy

Thai lawmakers back amendment allowing early-stage abortions

Rights of unborn children need to be considered as well, priest says

Pope Francis urges US President Biden to respect ‘dignity of every...

Biden has taken office as the country continues to battle one of the biggest coronavirus crises worldwide

Archbishop Gomez: My prayers are with our new president and his...

Statement on Joe Biden’s inauguration from Archbishop José H. Gomez, president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Thai Catholics urged to voice opposition to planned law allowing early-stage...

Thailand’s law currently criminalizes abortions regardless of the age of the unborn child

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