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Pope Francis: ‘May we hear the voice of the unborn through...

Pope Francis stressed the importance of initiating a firm yet calm dialogue with fellow human beings

Japan approves abortion pill for the first time

The health ministry said in a notification on Friday it had approved the drug made by a British pharmaceutical company

Japanese governmental panel backs abortion pill amid small pro-life protests

Pro-life activists launch a protest out of concern that access to an abortion pill would increase the number of abortions in Japan

In Netflix special, Chris Rock likens abortion to hiring a hitman,...

“There’s a part of me that’s pro-life,” he said, before using humor to remind the audience that abortion “is killing a baby”

India’s top court broadens abortion rights for unmarried women

Indian law has permitted abortion in the case of sexual assault since 1971

Thailand’s Catholic Church remains steadfast in opposing abortion

As early as 2021, Thailand’s Catholic bishops urged the faithful to make known their opposition to abortion

Thailand to legalize abortion up to 20 weeks

Terminations remained illegal in the kingdom — except under incidents of rape or threat to the mother's life — until February last year

‘As capable as a son’: Indians say no to the abortion...

More girls are born as women achieve success in business and sport, and police raid clinics that carry out sex-selective abortions

India holds first ‘National March for Life’ to champion cause of...

“We pray that the unjust killing of innocent and helpless children in wombs comes to an end”

Christians in India to hold ‘March for Life’ to raise awareness...

Christians and “pro-life” activists in India are expected to participate in a “March for Life” that is scheduled in New Delhi on August 10

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