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Remaining Filipino in Gaza is religious nun

Authorities have “not established contact with her" but “indications are that the Filipino nun is safe" to complete her mission in Gaza

Pope Francis urges immediate global ceasefire amid Holy Land crisis

Pope Francis refrained from labeling any war as "just," emphasizing the need to avoid justifying conflicts

Holy See renews calls for ceasefire in Gaza, stresses ‘unimaginable suffering’

Archbishop Gabriele Caccia described the severity of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza as causing "unimaginable suffering”. 

Cardinal Pizzaballa urges global attention as Gaza’s Christians face unprecedented hardships

Patriarch Pizzaballa, who maintains regular contact with Gaza's Catholic parish, provided a grim overview of the current situation

Pope Francis: ‘War itself is a crime against humanity’

Pope Francis underlined that being a disciple of Jesus requires three things: “to seek Jesus, to remain with Jesus, and to proclaim Jesus.”

Hezbollah-Israel clashes force mass Eexodus from South Lebanon

While Israeli strikes primarily targeted Hezbollah strongholds in Shia areas, collateral damage has affected several Christian villages

Silent Exodus: The Unseen Genocide Threatening Christianity in Gaza

Protecting religious minorities is not just a moral imperative; it is the safeguarding of a unique cultural and historical mosaic that defines our common humanity

Pope Francis denounces Gaza attacks as ‘war’ and ‘terrorism’

Two Christian women, Nahida Khalil Anton and her daughter Samar Kamal Anton, were killed by an Israeli sniper

Israel wages all-out war against the people of Gaza

It is for sure a great crime against humanity as half of the hospitals have been attacked and destroyed or made non-functional

Save the Children: ‘No safe place’ for children in Gaza

In northern Gaza, hundreds of thousands of families remain stranded and unsafe, facing the risk of starvation, disease, injury, and death

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