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Spirit of Uyghurs is celebrated in paintings of ‘Home’

The competition is a way for Uyghurs living in the diaspora to preserve their culture, language, and religion amid persecution

China’s ‘art factory’ painters turn from fakes to originals

Home to more than 8,000 artists, southern China's Dafen has been producing near-perfect copies of timeless masterpieces for years

Spotlight: Expressing faith through art when ‘God plays with colors’

In a place of magic and history, a Catholic artist displays her art among laughter, wine and faith

Hindu engineer turns Catholic churches in India into artistic attractions

The engineer, who is also a Hindu Brahmin from West Bengal, said his interest in Christianity started during his childhood

Songs, stories, pottery: Refugees preserve their heritage in digital archives

With more displaced people around the world than ever before, digital tools are helping them preserve their culture and stories

Our Lady of Fatima portrayed: Philippine parish unveils nation’s biggest altar...

Events at Fátima gained fame due partly to elements of prophecy and eschatological revelations

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