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Photo gallery: Filipinos brave pandemic to venerate ‘Black Nazarene’

Along with the devotion to Santo Niño, the Black Nazarene is the most popular object of devotion in the Philippines

Taming Nazarene devotees with police power

With the Church handing over procession of the Black Nazarene to state security forces, have the 'the least, the lost, and the last' been left behind?

The other view of Manila’s Feast of the Black Nazarene

The so-called feast of the Black Nazarene in Manila is a chaotic rampage of people clad in maroon and yellow who claim to believe in the...

Cardinal Tagle prays for peace amid rising Mideast tensions

Philippine govt has announced that it is preparing to send aircraft and ships to evacuate Filipino workers in Iraq and Iran

Black Nazarene a call for faithful to ‘stand up and continue...

Suffering does not make Filipinos doubt their faith, but it makes them more devoted

Photo gallery: Image of suffering Jesus inspires piety among Filipinos

Millions flock to venerate a dark image of Jesus Christ carrying the cross, popularly known as the Black Nazarene

Black Nazarene replicas flood Manila streets

Blessing of the images accompanied by banging of drums and the chanting of devotees

The Black Nazarene and the Filipinos’ quest for resurrection

The Black Nazarene devotion is perhaps one of our most predominantly working class Catholic devotion in the Philippines

Devotees stand up to save Nazarene chapel in Manila

Chapel stands in the middle of an intersection in the poor district of Tondo in Manila

Philippines’ feast of Black Nazarene off to solemn start

Annual religious event is the largest procession in the country, drawing millions of devotees

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