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Vietnamese in Cambodia: Stateless, discriminated and in fear of deportation

Ethnic Vietnamese, born and raised in Cambodia, often discriminated against and sometimes victims of violent racist attacks

Cambodia police chief sacked over sexual misconduct in landmark case

But women rights' campaigners criticise Interior Ministry for not pursuing charges against the two-star general

Like the sky falling on our heads: Life under the Khmer...

Cambodia became like a labor camp, says former doctor who managed to escape to Thailand

Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge executioner turned born-again Christian, Duch, dies

In 2010, an UN-backed tribunal found him guilty of mass murder, torture and crimes against humanity

Rights group slams rough handling of peaceful protestors in Cambodia

Cambodian authorities faulted for harassing and forcibly dispersing family members protesting the detention of opposition political activists

Debt relief measures needed for Cambodians affected by pandemic, rights group...

Both govt and micro-loan providers failing in their human rights responsibilities to borrowers, Human Rights Watch says

Future uncertain as Cambodian economy reels from ‘mother of all shocks’

Shape and pace of economic recovery largely depends on the course of the coronavirus, World Bank warns

Pastoral care: Going on the ‘offence’ during COVID-19

Missionary priest brings Mass to Cambodian Catholic homes amid pandemic lockdown

COVID-19 exacerbates already tough lives of Cambodians working illegally in Malaysia

Plans fall apart for homesick mother worrying over unpayable debts and children back home

Closed schools impact children’s education, stresses parents in Cambodia

Govt officials say schools need to remain closed to prevent a second wave of coronavirus infections

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