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Christ’s presence in the Eucharist: An embodiment of creative patience

This faith teaches us simple things: Love one another. Be patient as your Heavenly Father is patient.

Cardinal Bo: Called to be a voice for human rights in...

His hat, or biretta, is his reminder to remain fearless in defending and speaking out for his people – the Church in Asia

Church in Myanmar ‘tested’ with ‘multi-layered challenges,’ says Cardinal Bo

Cardinal Bo said the pandemic, the military coup, the collapse of the economy, and climate changes are among the challenges Myanmar faces

Christians in Myanmar village reconsecrate church after military occupation

The soldiers reportedly used the structure "without any regard" and "did disgraceful things" such as throwing away Bibles and hymn books

The longest journey in life: from head to heart; from untruth...

After so many months of suffering, each one of us need to rebuild ourselves.

Myanmar’s Cardinal Bo calls for peace as soldiers stage raids, arrests

On Tuesday, August 24, at least 30 young people were detained in Yangon as authorities conducted a series of raids

Cardinal Bo of Yangon: Jesus has the eternal words of consolation

Life is full of tests. It’s the tests of life that bring our selfish nature to the surface.

Cardinal Bo of Yangon on the Solemnity of the Assumption of...

What was she like? What kind of woman would be chosen by God to bear His Son, and what kind of woman would have the faith and grace to do it?

Catholic Church in Myanmar remembers those who died in pandemic

Cardinal Charles Bo noted that the pandemic has robbed everyone even “the most sacred last moments from our dear ones”

Cardinal Bo: A time for grief, a time for gratitude, a...

This is a call to strengthen our human fellowship, our Eucharist of common tragedies, our cup that overflows with sorrows

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