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Myanmar’s Catholic bishops call for dialogue as tension continues to rise

As a nation known for its pristine spiritual spring, let us invest our energy in reconciliation, bishops say

Cardinal Charles Maung Bo: To my dearest people of Myanmar

Peace is possible, peace is the only way, democracy is the only light to that path

Pesan Kardinal Charles Maung Bo untuk Rakyat Myanmar dan komunitas global

Peace is possible, peace is the only way, democracy is the only light to that path

An urgent, fraternal appeal for peace, reconciliation in Myanmar

Now is the time to grow as an outward-looking, welcoming, flourishing nation that celebrates unity in diversity

Let us not be only devotees of Jesus, but become active...

Today’s readings have given a road map for the Church and the family to become disciples

In the eyes of God, nothing is ordinary

Gratefully receive faith and other gifts — never forget to gracefully give them to others

Cardinal Bo of Myanmar: Let us dream together

"To build back better, set our moral compass towards the vulnerable, let the arc of history bend towards economic and environmental justice"

Cardinal Bo: Families face great challenge amidst pandemic

Christ knows your tears; Christ knows your brokenness. Knowing our pain, he walks with us.

Catholic bishops need to address people’s ‘integral development,’ says Cardinal Bo

Priests urged to end ‘geographical and intellectual isolation’ and get involved in upgrading skills of people in community

Asian bishops welcome Biden’s election

But critics of the president-elect have however noted that Biden has been an advocate of abortion rights

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