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Cardinal Bo of Myanmar warns of impending dangers of ‘new forms...

Cardinal Bo said the Church is confronted with a new unsettling reality impacting thousands of the most vulnerable

Cardinal Bo expresses ‘profound concern’ over ‘threats to religious freedom’ in...

The prelate asked for prayers and support for the people of Hong Kong “in the hope that one day their freedoms will be restored”

Cardinal Bo of Myanmar reminds bishops to help people become ‘miracle...

Cardinal Bo said bishops should help people "believe in themselves" and "to believe in the living God”

Cardinal Charles Bo of Myanmar prays for ‘healing’ as he greets...

“We have suffered enough. Now we look towards the ending of all this,” said the cardinal, referring to the conflict in Myanmar

Cardinal Bo of Myanmar urges newly ordained deacons to be ‘missionaries’

“Pastors should not be people working in offices full time on the table, but must be capable of living and of helping with [the] people”

Cardinal Bo cites important role of women in peace-building, evangelization

He said that if women rule the world and “if women are the presidents of all nations, there will be no wars”

13 new Catholic priests ordained in troubled Myanmar

Cardinal Charles Bo of Yangon said the Church of Myanmar “is wounded and displaced,” but “priests are wounded healers"

Address of Cardinal Charles Bo of Myanmar at FABC leaders meeting

Address of Cardinal Charles Maung Bo, FABC president, at the start of the FABC Central Committee Meeting on March 8, 2022

Cardinal Bo of Myanmar warns of ‘global nuclear holocaust’

“The world stands at an existential crossroads. The nightmare scenario of a global nuclear holocaust is frighteningly becoming a possibility”

‘Resist the risk of a nuclear winter, rally for the global...

"Let not history repeat itself in the 21st century .... This is the time for global healing not hurting."

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