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China passes sweeping Hong Kong security law, heralding authoritarian era

Security legislation to supersede existing Hong Kong laws where there is a conflict, mainland Chinese authorities can exercise jurisdiction over some major cases

Hong Kong cardinal says new security law won’t affect religious freedom

Other Hong Kong Catholics fear laws will be used to curtail the freedom of religion that Christians enjoy

Candles to light up Hong Kong on fraught Tiananmen anniversary

Despite ban on large gatherings, Cardinal Joseph Zen says people of Hong Kong will commemorate June 4 for the sake of Chinese people

‘Blatantly evil’: Cardinal Zen blasts church guidelines for Chinese clergy

Former bishop of Hong Kong claims document legitimizes ‘schismatic Church’

Cardinal Zen wants to see Vatican documents on China accord

The former bishop of Hong Kong wants proof Pope Benedict XVI approved draft China-Vatican accord

Top China, Vatican officials meet for talks

Meanwhile, Vatican-China deal's most outspoken critic Cardinal Joseph Zen presented with pro-democracy award in the United States

Kardinal Zen ingatkan bahwa Cina ingin Vatikan ‘menyerah sepenuhnya’

Kardinal Joseph Zen sekali lagi mengingatkan nasib yang akan menimpa Gereja bawah tanah di Cina yang disebutnya "akan menghilang" sebagai dampak dari...

‘Complete Surrender’: Cardinal Zen warns Vatican over fate of underground Church...

Cardinal Zen laments what he calls a 'hopeless' situation for the Church in China

Cardinal Zen appeals to College of Cardinals over the ‘murder’ of...

‘Can we passively witness the murder of the Church in China by those who should protect and defend her from her enemies,’ wrote the former bishop of Hong Kong

Cardinal Zen awarded for efforts helping China’s Catholics, Hong Kong

Wei Jingsheng Chinese Democracy Champion Prize award also for the people of Hong Kong ‘who refused to bow down their noble heads’

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