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The cardinals at the Synod on Synodality: A prelude for the...

The cardinals attending the gathering are tasked with getting acquainted, conversing, meeting privately, and understanding one another

Here’s what the Church’s newest cardinals think about the Synod on...

Pope Francis convened a consistory to create 21 new cardinals — eight of whom are also delegates in the October synodal gathering

Vatican releases Pope Francis’ responses to pre-synod dubia, criticizes cardinals

The public back-and-forth over the cardinals’ dubia and the pope’s response comes just two days before the start of the Synod

ANALYSIS: How to interpret Pope Francis’ choice of new cardinals

This consistory will be more part of Pope Francis’ legacy than any of the other nine consistories the pope has held during his pontificate

Behind the scenes and between the lines: Cardinals debate laity, power,...

It is not about a cult of secrecy but a desire to ensure a certain level of freedom of expression

Pope Francis tells cardinals: ‘We are jointly responsible for the Church’

In his homily, the pope decried a “cancer of spiritual worldliness”

What was discussed behind closed doors meeting of cardinals?

197 cardinals have followed the call. But what are they discussing, behind closed doors, on Monday and Tuesday? 

Asia’s new cardinals

The number of cardinals born or carrying out their ministry in Asia rises to 21 among the 132 cardinal electors

Pope Francis has made College of Cardinals ‘less European,’ analysis shows

The Pew Research Center report focused on the 83 cardinals appointed by the Argentinian pope now under the age of 80

India’s first Dalit cardinal vows ‘to help as many poor children...

The future cardinal reflects on how the caste system still has remnants and what it is like serving India’s “untouchables”

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