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Pope Francis: God’s glory does not correspond to human success

In his Angelus address on March 17, the pope asked: How it is possible that God’s glory is manifest in the humiliation of the cross?

Pope Francis: Virtue enables us to have ‘a tendency towards the...

“In a distorted world, we must remember the form in which we were shaped, the image of God that is forever imprinted upon us"

Pope Francis: ‘Of all vices, pride is the great queen’

Pride is “evil,” the Holy Father said, and is of a greater magnitude than vainglory, as it arises from “the absurd claim to be like God.” 

Pope Francis: ‘God is always close to us’

God’s attitude in three key words — “closeness, compassion, and tenderness” — the Holy Father reiterated that God is made known to us

Pope Francis: ‘The devil always takes away your freedom’

Pope Francis encouraged people to learn how to “say ‘no’ to the temptations of evil before they creep into the soul”

Pope Francis: ‘In Christianity, there is no condemnation of the sexual...

The pope said that while “falling in love is one of the purest feelings” there is the risk that it could be “polluted by vice.”

Pope Francis warns against chains of lust, advocates for purity of...

Lust, the Pope explained, mocks and plunders the beauty of pure, innocent love, involving both the body and the psyche

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