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Catholic educator in India warns against rising threats on Christians academic...

Educators should serve as builders of bridges, nurturing students into better individuals who contribute to societal transformation

Bangladesh’s only Catholic university marks 10th year

Christians in Bangladesh comprise 0.3 percent of the population, but they are present in various academic institutions

Death by hazing is murder most evil

What kind of students do this sort of brutal evil if they are taught Christian values of respect for human rights and dignity of persons?

Catholic universities should do more to respond to environmental issues

He urged Catholic universities to take care to factor in concern for the poor in research projects, educational curricula, etc

Philippine Catholic educators hit hazing in educational institutions after death of...

CEAP called on member-schools to continue to promote a “culture of respect, compassion, inclusivity, and Christ-centeredness"

Video: Pope Francis’ January prayer intention for educators

Pope Francis invites the faithful to pray “that educators may be credible witnesses, teaching fraternity rather than confrontation"

First Jesuit school in Bangladesh opens, offers values education to young

"We want to accompany the children in their growth, so that they become good citizens and patriots,” said Jesuit priest Probash Rozario

Catholic schools in India’s Manipur state to close to protest bomb...

“Education institutions need a conducive environment for growth and development,” said the All Manipur Catholic Union

Pope Francis: Catholic schools should not be Christian in name only

“The Christian educator, in the school of Christ, is first of all a witness, and he is a teacher to the extent that he is a witness”

Pope Francis: Catholic education is vital in ‘an age awash in...

“As educators, you are called to nurture the desire for truth, goodness and beauty that lies in the heart of each individual"

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