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Questions surround killing of Catholic priest in southern Philippines

Police investigators are looking into possible links to a rape case filed against the priest in Lanao del Sur province where he used to serve

Jailed Indian priest describes conditions faced by fellow inmates awaiting trial

Many awaiting trial don’t even know what charges they face, Father Swamy writes

Catholic priest shot dead in southern Philippines

A .45 caliber pistol with ten unspent bullets and one empty shell also found at crime scene, police say

An urgent, fraternal appeal for peace, reconciliation in Myanmar

Now is the time to grow as an outward-looking, welcoming, flourishing nation that celebrates unity in diversity

Kuala Lumpur Archdiocese extends health restrictions as COVID-19 situation worsens

Archdiocese sets up crisis task force while complying with current restrictions, archbishop says

St Paul would’ve been texting, tweeting, firing emails to get news...

World owes a debt of gratitude to journalists, camera operators, photographers and others who risk their lives to seek the truth, he says

Let us not be only devotees of Jesus, but become active...

Today’s readings have given a road map for the Church and the family to become disciples

Indian PM refuses to intervene in Jesuit priest’s case

Prime Minister Narendra Modi tells church leaders outcome of case can only come from investigating agencies

Former head of Vatican bank guilty of embezzlement, money laundering

Past bank president and two others convicted for allegedly siphoning off up to 57 million euros

Filipino bishop welcomes perjury case against accuser

Man accused Bishop Bacani and several other church personalities of plotting to overthrow Duterte govt

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