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Limited options for victims of Myanmar’s searing heat

While a lucky few can escape the searing midday heat in air-conditioned malls and cafes, most people have no such options

African leaders call for increased climate aid from wealthier nations

Somalia is dealing with political and economic difficulties, worsened by recurrent droughts and floods that damage crops

In Vietnam province, sisters teach how to adapt to climate change

Climate change is a burning issue that impacts every one of us, so we must all put in a great deal of effort into reducing this global threat

Asian bishops’ Climate Change Desk holds ecology conference in Philippines

Participants engaged in thorough discussions on prevailing climate trends and the sustainability issues facing the region

Heatwaves put millions of children in Asia at risk: UN

Global monitors have warned that 2024 is shaping up to be the hottest year on record, marked by climate extremes

Natural disasters in Mongolia grow worse and threaten the future of...

Dzud takes place in the winter due to heavy snowfall, cold winds, and extremely cold temperatures that leads to mass death of livestock

Carbon credit scheme sees Indigenous Cambodians harassed, evicted: report

Chong Indigenous villagers said while they support preservation, the project restricted their ability to farm, forage, and collect firewood

Vanishing ice, vanishing giants: Urgent tale of polar bears

Their survival is not only crucial for maintaining biodiversity but also for inspiring humanity to live more harmoniously with our planet

San Agustin Museum in Manila fights for cultural identity amid warming...

Due to age, many of these relics and religious artworks require extensive monitoring and climate control to keep them from deteriorating

Sand mining in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta sinks homes, livelihoods

At the current extraction rate of 35-55 million cubic metres a year, there will be no more sand by 2035, according to the WWF-led study

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