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Condemning history to a lie: The fantasy that was Marcos

You’d think the despot and looter of the country’s wealth would nevermore be remembered after what he and his cronies did

Malaysian govt targets opposition leader with dubious corruption charges

Prime minister fires latest salvo in long war to break Lim Guan Eng’s resolve — and break his party

Proposed law reverses police reforms in Malaysia, rights group says

Allegations of police corruption and excessive use of force have dogged the Malaysian police for decades

Caritas joins calls for probe into Philippine public health insurance corruption...

Authorities urged to uncover the truth, serve justice and let everyone involved be accountable

Rights group slams rough handling of peaceful protestors in Cambodia

Cambodian authorities faulted for harassing and forcibly dispersing family members protesting the detention of opposition political activists

Free citizens main target of Duterte’s proposed social media gag, not...

Social media is an important battlefield for advocates of good governance

Malaysians have a right to be nervous as govt creates new...

With ministers struggling to control a once pliant media, a department famed for dirty tricks and misinformation gets the nod to restart operations

Malaysia’s Najib found guilty of corruption in first 1MDB case

Allegations of corruption over 1MDB have hung over Najib for more than five years

Philippine Catholic church leaders find Duterte’s State of the Nation address...

One nun described the speech as narcissistic and centered on what he likes and does not like

Malaysia faces crucial graft test as Najib’s first 1MDB verdict looms

Prosecutors allege more than $1 billion made its way into his personal accounts

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