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Catholic bishop blasts corruption in Philippine pandemic response, calls for protests

“Between good and evil, there is no middle ground, and whoever is unwilling to condemn blatant injustice becomes its enabler”

Protestant council backs probe into alleged fund anomaly in Philippine health...

“The president should stop being defensive and verbally harassing senators in doing their work and mandate,” said the council

Pope’s anti-corruption decree for Vatican limits gifts to 40 euros

Practice of gift-giving among Catholic clerics was the source of several scandals in the Church in recent years

For India’s poor, lockdown policing adds to pandemic hardships

Hawkers, slum dwellers, food couriers and migrant workers are most likely to fall foul of lockdown rules

Malaysian court orders graft trial of wife of ex-PM Najib to...

If eventually found guilty, Rosmah Mansor could be jailed for up to 20 years

Ambitious but cornered, Myanmar army chief took full power

Senior General Min Aung Hlaing in full charge of Myanmar after a coup topples elected leader Aug San Suu Kyi

Sri Lanka govt ‘aggressively attacking efforts’ to address rights abuses

Trials of military and intelligence officials accused of enforced disappearances have been delayed and disrupted, says rights group

SPOTLIGHT: Cambodians fear oil profits won’t go where needed

It’s doubtful that govt will be transparent about how exactly it will use oil revenues, local says

Former head of Vatican bank guilty of embezzlement, money laundering

Past bank president and two others convicted for allegedly siphoning off up to 57 million euros

Woman with links to deposed cardinal to go on trial, Vatican...

She will soon be on trial facing charges of ‘embezzlement in complicity with others’

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