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Taste and smell: Hunger and the Eucharist

To insist on the language “sacrifice” for the Eucharist in times when millions have been offered in the altar of mammon is sacrilegious

Christ’s presence in the Eucharist: An embodiment of creative patience

This faith teaches us simple things: Love one another. Be patient as your Heavenly Father is patient.

Sunday Mass should be the culmination of all parish activities, Cardinal...

“The sad experience of last year's liturgical ‘fast’ highlighted the goodness of the long journey" that has been made since Vatican II

Pope Francis: Do not water down the truth of the Eucharist

Pope Francis urged Catholics not to seek God in “dreams and in images of grandeur and power,” but in the humanity of Jesus

Pope Francis: Jesus’ Bread of Life discourse renews ‘our amazement for...

The pope said that Jesus’ “Bread of Life” statement summed up “his entire being and mission”

Simple sharing

How often do we see the oppressed and the oppressor attending Mass together, as if one’s turmoil is not being caused by the other

SPOTLIGHT: Filipino priest brings Eucharist to faithful on a pick-up truck

Mass celebrations go mobile after govt implemented a lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic

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