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Pope Francis: To be ‘scandalized’ by gay couple blessings is ‘hypocrisy’

“No one is scandalized if I give a blessing to an entrepreneur who perhaps exploits people: and this is a very serious sin"

Pope Francis: Small ideological groups oppose same-sex blessings; Africa a ‘special...

Francis, in his interview, dismissed the idea that this division could spark a schism in the Catholic Church. 

Cardinal Zen: Fiducia Supplicans ‘creates confusion’; suggests Fernández should resign

Zen’s statement adds another prominent voice to the widespread criticism that Fiducia Supplicans has received

Pope Francis responds to resistance to Fiducia Supplicans: ‘The Lord blesses...

“The Lord blesses everyone who is capable of being baptized, that is, every person,” Pope Francis repeated.

Vatican responds to widespread backlash on same-sex blessing directive

Priests giving these types of blessings should “not impose conditions” or “enquire about the intimate lives of these people.”

Pope Francis to Roman Curia: ‘Rigid ideological positions’ prevent us from...

“Sixty years after the Second Vatican Council, we are still debating the division between ‘progressives’ and ‘conservatives,’ but that is not the difference"

Bishops around the world are divided over Vatican’s same-sex blessing declaration...

In at least three countries — Kazakhstan, Malawi, and Zambia — Church leaders are refusing to implement the Vatican declaration in any way

Vatican issued declaration allowing ‘blessings’ for couples in irregular situation

It allows ordained ministers to join in prayer with those individuals who desire to entrust themselves to the Lord and seek guidance

Declaration: Fiducia Supplicans

To seek a blessing is to acknowledge that the life of the Church springs from the womb of God’s mercy and helps us to move forward

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