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Tropical forests turn down the planet’s heat by 1C, scientists find

Forests should be valued for the direct benefits they offer to local communities

Community in Sabah regrows forest during pandemic

After months of hiatus due to the fear of contagion, residents of Batu Puteh have returned to plant trees to green the rainforest

Little-known nut helps Indonesian farmers build sustainable forest economy

Through an enterprise set up by the village authorities, residents are harvesting and selling kenari, a mineral-rich nut

Deforestation drives increasingly deadly heat in Indonesia, says study

Deforestation and global warming in one Indonesian province caused temperatures to rise nearly a whole degree Celsius in 16 years

Who is ‘Ka Dodoy,’ the Filipino recipient of this year’s Ramon...

Since he was young, Ka Dodoy knew the realities of diminishing fish harvests in once rich fishing grounds

Some 30% of global tree species at risk of extinction, says...

According to the State of the World's Trees report 17,500 tree species - some 30% of the total - are a risk of extinction

Indigenous people in Bangladesh protest gov’t incursion into forest

Incursion into the forest threatens the survival of about 7,000 mostly Catholic villagers in 13 villages in Mymensingh Diocese

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