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Pope Francis: ‘The supreme rule regarding fraternal correction is love’

“The supreme rule regarding fraternal correction is love: to want the good of our brothers and sisters,” the pope said

Pope Francis’ advice for reigniting your spiritual life

“Today, there are many who still seek religious security rather than the living and true God," said Pope Francis

Pope Francis: The Gospel opens every culture to greater freedom in...

Pope Francis said that culture by its very nature is always in “continual transformation”

Choose faith in Christ over formalities, pontiff tells faithful

"Despite all the difficulties we may pose to His action, God does not abandon us but rather abides with us in His merciful love”

Pope Francis: ‘With the truth of the Gospel, one cannot negotiate’

Speaking at the general audience on August 3, the pope said that there was no room for compromise regarding the Gospel

Pope Francis warns against ‘practical atheism’

Pontiff warns against people who claim to believe in God but act as if there is no God, or those who 'do not recognize the human person as the image of God'

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