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Judah and Judas

I do not know why people are so inclined to keep promoting fear of condemnation as the main motive for conversion instead of God’s love

Pope Francis: Jesus wants to enter our emptiness

The pope noted that sometimes, because of our sins, we feel unworthy of the Lord

Pope Francis: God wants to live with us and in us

Speaking on Sunday, the pope suggested that the famous words from the opening of St. John’s Gospel contained a paradox

Find time for silence with the Gospel every day, says pope

Pope Francis said that today many people have “an interior deafness” that Jesus can touch and heal

Hope and freedom

There is nothing wrong in hoping to be free, but there is clearly something wrong in hoping to be free without social accountability

Complaining people

We must take a chance at trusting the prophets, even if they have to lead us through the desolate desert of unconditional selflessness

Call to be a disciple is a call to confront evil

"Let each one of us start a spiritual pilgrimage of not colluding with dark forces of evil but have the courage to confront evil"

A meaningful yet perilous life

Prophets are an unwanted lot who, by becoming the “bitter medicine” for the ills of a society, are sentenced to ignominious death

Be strong in faith, God will stand by you even if...

For the last five months, our faith is challenged. How to believe in a God when everything goes against God’s love in the reality?

Genuine goodness

Only genuine goodness in the service for the kingdom can stand against the evil of injustice and violence

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