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Coronavirus is driving discrimination in Asia, warns Red Cross

Half of those surveyed blamed a specific group for virus spread, with many mentioning Chinese people, immigrants and foreigners

More Indian workers at risk of suicide due to financial hardships...

Pandemic has destroyed livelihoods of many of the country’s poor

Cotton sanitary pads make life healthier for Indian women

Church campaign making cotton pads for rural women in Kerala gives them the option of opting out of using unhealthy ones produced with plastic

Coronavirus floods Indonesian river with medical waste

Constant stream of syringes, face masks and hazmat suits floats down Cisadane River

Manila Catholic bishop asks authorities to allow more people to attend...

Restaurants are allowed up to 30 percent of their capacity while churches are only allowed ten percent

South Korea traces Presbyterian church members as virus spreads

South Korea was one of the world's coronavirus mitigation success stories but it has now suffered repeated spikes in infections

Vatican calls for solidarity to protect vulnerable amid pandemic

Pontifical Academy for Life recognizes how restrictions on social contacts can lead to situations of isolation, despair, anger, and abuse

People living with HIV face hardships due to COVID-19 lockdown

It is discrimination and stigma that kill people living with HIV, not the disease itself

Pope Francis calls for continuous efforts to combat malaria

As the world fights coronavirus pandemic, malaria still threatens billions of people in many countries, pope says

Caritas India aids those mentally struggling with lockdown

India’s lockdown has created an ‘epidemic of stress and depression,’ mental health experts say

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