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Volunteer pedicurists help Hong Kong’s elderly

While Hong Kong has a public healthcare system, many complain they have to wait for long periods to be seen

Pope Francis: Catholic healthcare is called to bear witness to human...

Pope Francis said that Catholic healthcare is called to bear witness to human dignity amid a throwaway culture

‘An amazing ride’: study offers dengue treatment hope

Tests in cell cultures and mice found that a newly identified compound can effectively disarm dengue

SPOTLIGHT: Filipino priest heals body and soul

Father Jaime Roa glad to be able to fulfill his dream to be both a doctor and a priest

India’s COVID-19 cases reach 18 million; record number of daily deaths

Second wave of infections has overwhelmed many hospitals who have been starved of life-saving oxygen

India’s Catholic bishops hit govt ‘negligence’ for surge in COVID-19 infections

The nation of 1.3 billion people has an official tally of 17.31 million infections and 195,123 deaths

Catholics accuse Indian govt of double standards over Hindu festival

Hindus hold traditional ceremonies this week as strict measures are imposed on other religions

Cambodia launches lockdown in capital as COVID-19 outbreak spreads

Most people banned from leaving home except for going to work, to buy food or for medical treatment

Marginalized groups across South Asia ‘overlooked’ in vaccination programs

International cooperation is key to contain the spread of the virus and make the vaccine universally available as quickly as possible, says Amnesty International

Thailand reports daily record of over 1,300 new coronavirus cases

The spike in cases comes as Thais celebrate the Songkran new year holidays

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