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Catholic who was Thailand’s first female doctor honored by Google

Years ahead of her time, the medical pioneer opened her own clinic in the 1920s to provide quality care to those in need

From gadget addiction to anxiety: Pandemic takes its toll on mental...

Online hospital survey found that 30 percent of respondents across India showed signs of depression

‘There’s a lot of anxiety, anger,’ as Filipinos deal with lockdown

Mental stress is across the board in the Philippines during the pandemic

Philippine church people walk with poor amid threats, challenges

First part: Churches in Philippines struggle to help those battered by pandemic This is the second of three parts.

Pope Francis honors nurses, midwives as ‘saints next door’

At least 90,000 health care workers have been infected by the new coronavirus, and more than 260 nurses have died

Churches in Philippines struggle to help those battered by pandemic

The upending of work and social patterns has sparked a mental health crisis in a country that lags badly in health care metrics

People living with HIV face hardships due to COVID-19 lockdown

It is discrimination and stigma that kill people living with HIV, not the disease itself

Philippine church leaders hit plan to impose ‘martial law-like’ lockdown

Catholic bishop warns that a martial law-type enforcement of the lockdown ‘will intensify people’s discontent’ and can be abused by soldiers and policemen

Fears that India’s health system will buckle under pandemic strain

‘Hospitals aren’t equipped enough to cater to the basic ailments of the people in normal times’

Philippine church groups offer online medical, spiritual consultation

People need someone to talk to — online or over-the-phone conversations can help boost spirits

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