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Oscar-nominated film now part of Hong Kong’s story of waning freedoms,...

Hong Kong govt decision not to air Oscars has only brought more global attention to the city’s struggle for democracy, he says

Hong Kong’s Jimmy Lai faces 14 months in prison for pro-democracy...

Lai was found guilty in two separate trials for unauthorised assemblies from 2019

Jailed Hong Kong media mogul urges journalists to ‘seek justice’

But he also told staff at his pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily to be careful and not to take huge risks

Dipenjara, tokoh media Hong Kong ini desak wartawan selalu ‘mencari keadilan’

Dikenal karena kritis terhadap kekuatan Beijing, Jimmy Lai seorang tokoh Katolik dan pemilik surat kabar Hong Kong, meminta para wartawan untuk selalu mencari keadilan.

Press freedom in Macau under spotlight as Beijing ramps up scrutiny

Staff at Macau's largest broadcaster told to promote ‘patriotism, respect and love’ for mainland China

Tokoh Katolik Jimmy Lai dinyatakan bersalah atas pertemuan ilegal

Penerbit surat kabar Hong Kong, Jimmy Lai, seorang tokoh Katolik dan aktivis demokrasi yang kritis terhadap Beijing beserta dua aktivis pro-demokrasi lainnya dinyatakan bersalah pada 7 April atas tuduhan berpartisipasi dalam aksi ilegal selama protes massa pro-demokrasi pada tahun 2019.

Hong Kong’s Jimmy Lai among three pleading guilty to illegal assembly

Sentences to be handed down later, maximum possible punishment is five years in prison

Veteran Hong Kong democrats found guilty in landmark unlawful assembly case

Among seven prominent democrats guilty of unauthorized assembly charges are Catholics Martin Lee and Jimmy Lai

Tiongkok penjarakan aktivis yang menentang UU keamanan Hong Kong

Pengadilan di Guangdong, Tiongkok selatan menjatuhkan hukuman dua tahun dan sembilan bulan penjara kepada seorang aktivis yang menentang undang-undang keamanan nasional yang diberlakukan di Hong Kong.

Court in China sends activist to prison for opposing national security...

Zhang Wuzhou found guilty of ‘obstructing public officials’ and ‘picking quarrels and stirring up trouble’

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