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Let hope breaks forth from every heart

"Let us be inspired by the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and let us work to remove the "tomb stones" that threaten to bury our hopes and dreams"

Pope Francis’ advice for Holy Week: Look to the cross, our...

The pope noted how many people today who walk down the street appear sad, focused “only on their cell phones, but without peace, without hope”

Indonesian leprosy survivor crafts new limbs for shunned villagers

Those who have recovered from the disease say they just want to be treated the same as everyone else

Recovering defiant hope (A Christmas reflection)

Christmas is not about gifts or our noche buena tables — even if many families are worried there would be less that they can buy this time

92 percent of Filipinos welcome new year ‘with hope’ — survey

The survey also found that 43 percent of Filipino adults will have "a more prosperous holiday celebration this year"

The eternal message

As long as one continues to strike another in violence, the prophets will continue to admonish us to “Change our ways"

‘Light candles of hope in the midst of darkness’

In his homily, Pope Francis urged Christians to not let themselves become victims of the many crises happening in the world

We simply have to look

We recognize the joy because it is like an undercurrent of elation after elation that slowly calibrates our innermost world from sad to joyful

Being green and ordinary

One of the more positive connotations of green is hope, probably emanating from the color of newly sprung leaves

I make my own rainbows

These symbols of hope are around us, assuring us that all is not lost in spite of the bigger aggressive and ruthless opponents

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