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Philippines’ drug war orphans struggle amid lack of govt help

Filipino children have suffered horribly from President Duterte’s decision to unleash the police and their hit men against suspected drug users, researcher says

Hong Kong no longer deserves special US status, Pompeo says

It is now clear that China is modeling Hong Kong after itself, US secretary of state says

Hong Kong police fire pepper pellets to disperse protests over security...

Many shops, bank branches and office buildings closed early, while dozens of people were seen rounded up by riot police and made to sit on a sidewalk

200 homes burnt in Myanmar’s Rakhine State

Burning of village has all the hallmarks of Myanmar military arson, rights group says but military have accused the Arakan Army

Hong Kong demand for VPNs surges on heels of China’s plan...

The former British colony enjoys unrestricted internet access, unlike on the mainland where the likes of Google, Facebook and Twitter are blocked

Taiwan promises ‘necessary assistance’ to Hong Kong’s people

Bullets and repression are not the way to deal with the aspirations of Hong Kong's people for freedom and democracy, President Tsai Ing-wen says

Beijing may base security agencies in Hong Kong as part of...

It is essentially declaring directly that 'one country two systems' is null and a failure, academic says

Thailand ‘should help’ Rohingya, instead of ‘worsening their suffering’

Thai authorities cannot summarily disregard claims of asylum seekers who arrive at its borders, rights group says

Calls for protest march in Hong Kong as China pushes new...

A previous attempt to adopt similar legislation in 2003 was met with a protest that drew around half a million people onto the streets and was eventually shelved

Hong Kong extends coronavirus group restrictions, Tiananmen vigil at risk

The Chinese-ruled city has so far recorded 1,056 cases, mostly imported, and four deaths

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