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‘Blood Money’: Pope speaks out against human trafficking

Pope implores the world to face the corruption that fuels human trafficking

Rise of Chinese gambling firms causes spike in Philippine sex trafficking...

Authorities believe most of the sex dens cater to young Chinese male workers hired for the country’s offshore gambling operations

Bangladesh hopes to stem trafficking of Rohingya by opening schools

Education viewed as protection against false promises of traffickers

Thai police under scrutiny as record number of trafficking cases dismissed

Thailand has faced criticism in recent years for failing to stop trafficking in its lucrative textile and seafood sectors, as well as the sex trade

Enslaved then undercompensated: Double blow for India’s trafficked

Of an estimated 20 million commercial sex workers in India, 16 million women and girls are victims of sex trafficking

Lack of languages, mistrust of Thai govt hamper anti-trafficking app

Thailand is a source, destination, and transit country for men, women, and children subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking

Baby or a job? Stark choice for Taiwan’s migrant workers

Weak enforcement of Taiwanese labor law leaves migrant workers at risk of exploitation

Pakistan ‘turning a blind eye’ to the trafficking of girls and...

Christian minority targeted by brokers who pay poor parents to marry off their daughters to Chinese men

Mobile theatres to screen child slavery film in rural India

Traffickers target people in rural villages luring them to cities with the promise of good jobs but then selling them into modern day slavery

Thailand’s human traffickers refuse to compensate victims: report

Traffickers have disregarded court orders to recompense victims in more than 99 percent of cases in recent years

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