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For India’s poor, lockdown policing adds to pandemic hardships

Hawkers, slum dwellers, food couriers and migrant workers are most likely to fall foul of lockdown rules

Non-stop cremations cast doubt on India’s counting of COVID dead

Govt officials say the mismatch in death tallies may be caused by several factors, including over-caution

Dalam dua hari, 6 imam Katolik di India meninggal akibat COVID-19

Gereja Katolik di India kehilangan enam imam hanya dalam waktu 36 jam karena virus corona.

Archbishop Sirkar, founder of two religious institutes in India, dies

He founded the Adoration Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sadhan Brothers

COVID-19 fears stifle Ramadan in India’s Kashmir

Mosques near empty, minimal business for market vendors as COVID cases surge

COVID-19 claims the lives of 6 Catholic priests in India

Five of the six deaths were in the west coastal state of Gujarat

Umat Katolik tuduh pemerintah India tidak adil karena ijinkan festival Hindu

Sejumlah pemimpin Gereja Katolik di India menuduh pemerintah berlaku tidak adil karena mengizinkan umat Hindu mengadakan upacara tradisional mereka minggu ini, sementara tindakan ketat diberlakukan pada agama lain.

From remote part of India, Myanmar’s ousted lawmakers work on challenging...

‘The only country where refugees are being welcomed is India,' says ousted Myanmar MP

Catholics accuse Indian govt of double standards over Hindu festival

Hindus hold traditional ceremonies this week as strict measures are imposed on other religions

India, Pakistan held secret talks to try to break Kashmir impasse

The two governments have re-opened a back channel of diplomacy aimed at a modest roadmap to normalizing ties, sources say

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