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‘Learning and growing at an IP center is a step closer...

This learning equips students with craft-making skills that can be used to earn a living or even start a business in the future

SPOTLIGHT: Ancestral Lands | More than mere dollar bills

Protecting Indigenous identity, rights and existence. Check, check, check.

Echoes of Indigenous voices: Perspectives from Salesian mission field

It is vital to allow indigenous voices to lead these conversations, urging missionaries to adopt a posture of listening and learning

The perils of extracting limestone in Nepal’s Indigenous Chepang communities

The ongoing extraction activities of crusher and mining industries pose a significant problem in Indigenous Chepang settlements

Pope Francis urges ‘global attention’ and prayers for Rohingya

Pope Francis invited all parties involved "to take steps of dialogue and to clothe themselves with understanding"

Hmong activist in Thailand threatened for refusing to return to Vietnam

Lu said he suspects that the Thai police who arrested him may be working with officials at the Vietnamese Embassy

IN PHOTOS: Salesians host dialogue among Indigenous groups in Cambodia

During the assembly, the Indigenous Peoples shared their identity, language, traditions, spirituality, territory, and challenges.

Salesians hold 3rd IP ‘Voices Project’ in Cambodia

Delegates from eight Indigenous communities gathered for a two-day conference titled 'Voices of Young Indigenous Peoples'

Philippine group urges international intervention amid ‘escalating use’ of anti-terror law...

Karapatan revealed that there are at least 27 political prisoners facing charges under the Anti-Terrorism Act

Delights of an Enspirited Sojourn

"The resources of the earth are not mere resources to be financialized but their beinghood or inherent value calls for respect"

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