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New report hits ‘intense’ crackdowns on internet freedoms in Myanmar

The report said Myanmar's military coup threatened the internet’s ability to facilitate democracy

Parents and the Internet for good and bad

The smart phone, while it can be used for education and learning and positive and inspiring communication, has its dark dangerous side

China closes social media account of Church-run Radio Veritas Asia’s Mandarin...

Chinese authorities have been deleting online Christian content in recent weeks for alleged violations of “rules" set by the government

Cambodia adopts China-style internet gateway amid opposition crackdown

Law has implications for free speech, privacy, data protection and public information

New internet rules to give Pakistan blanket powers of censorship

Authorities will be granted ‘removal and blocking’ powers of digital content that ‘harms, intimidates or excites disaffection’ towards govt

Vatican urged to strengthen online defense, report says

Hackers have frequently targeted the Vatican since it first went online in mid-1990s

Finding God in the digital age

Searching for God in the digital age does not all lead in the right direction nor provide the necessary nourishment for one’s faith life

Bangladesh restores internet access in Rohingya refugee camps

But some govt officials remain concerned that certain groups will take advantage of the return of internet services

Myanmar activist faces court for banner protesting internet shutdown

Charge against free-speech activist and poet is latest example of Myanmar govt’s intolerance of critical speech, rights group says

Keamanan siber AS sebut peretas Beijing menyasar Vatikan jelang pertemuan

Peretas yang didukung pemerintah Tiongkok telah menyusup ke jaringan komputer Vatikan dan Keuskupan Hong Kong, demikian diungkapkan perusahaan AS yang melacak serangan dunia maya yang didukung negara dalam sebuah laporan.

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