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Kkottongnae opens first seminary outside Korea in Philippine province

The formation house was inaugurated on January 17, seven years after Pope Francis’ visit to the province in 2015

New archbishop of Seoul vows to walk path of unity, reconciliation

The archbishop said priority has been identified in young people, to be recipients of special programs of evangelization and youth ministry

Pope Francis receives cross made from barbed wire from North Korean...

The cross given to the pope is one of 136 crosses created from melted-down barbed wire from the demilitarized zone

China says comics from South Korea should avoid promoting ‘separatism’ or...

China prohibits comics that are perceived as promoting religious movements banned as xie jiao, superstition, or “illegal” religion

Relikui para martir pertama Korea diidentifikasi dengan tes DNA

Relikui tiga martir Katolik tertua di Korea telah diidentifikasi dengan tes DNA, Keuskupan Jeonju mengumumkan pada hari Rabu.

Relics of first Korean Catholic martyrs identified with DNA testing

Blesseds Paul Yun Ji-chung and James Kwon Sang-yeon, both Catholics from a noble background, were beheaded in 1791

Pope Francis praises martyred Korean priest at Vatican Mass

Pope Francis called the saint a tireless apostle of evangelization, even “in difficult times"

Paus Fransiskus tunjuk uskup Korea menjadi kepala Kongregasi Klerus

Paus Fransiskus mengangkat Uskup Lazarus You Heung-sik dari Daejeon, Korea, sebagai prefek baru Kongregasi Klerus di Vatikan.

Pope Francis names Korean bishop head of Vatican Congregation for Clergy

Bishop Lazarus You Heung-sik is the second Asian to lead the Congregation for the Clergy, following Filipino Cardinal José Tomás Sánchez

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