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Lao Christians formerly evicted from their villages still wait for new...

Christians in rural areas of Laos remain subject to discrimination at the hands of local authorities despite protection under national law

Laotians oppose plan to build Chinese-style Buddha statue in SEZ

A Chinese company plans to build the Buddha in the Special Economic Zone in Vientiane to attract domestic and foreign tourists

NGOs urge Thailand not to buy electricity from Luang Prabang dam

The dam project will displace 581 families or 2,285 people and will affect 20 other villages in the northern Lao provinces of Luang Prabang

COVID-19 drives new surge in trafficking of women from Laos to...

Economic hardship in Lao villages caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is driving a new surge in the trafficking to China of Lao women and girls

Ratusan keluarga di Laos tersingkir dari rumah mereka demi pembangkit listrik

Ratusan keluarga di bagian barat laut Laos ter12paksa meninggalkan rumah mereka untuk memberikan ruang bagi perluasan pembangkit listrik tenaga lignit.

Hundreds of families in Laos forced to leave homes for coal...

The displaced families will be compensated but residents said the compensation is only a fraction of the value of their homes and farms

Kelompok HAM desak otoritas Laos bebaskan pendeta yang dipenjara

Kelompok hak asasi manusia internasional meminta pemerintah Laos untuk segera membebaskan seorang pemimpin Kristen yang ditahan selama lebih dari setahun atas dugaan melanggar undang-undang...

Rights groups call for release of Lao pastor held for disrupting...

Pastor Sithon Thippavong has been accused of ‘undermining social and cultural unity’ by preaching

COVID-19 strangles wildlife rescue centers in Southeast Asia

Lack of tourism is impacting wildlife rescue centers, puts endangered animals further at risk and hurts local communities

Umat Kristen di Laos diusir dari rumah karena menolak meninggalkan iman

Umat Kristen di provinsi Saravan di Laos dilaporkan telah diusir dari rumah mereka dan dipaksa untuk tinggal di kawasan hutan karena menolak untuk meninggalkan iman mereka.

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