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IN PHOTOS: Christmas lantern parade takes a stand against reclamation in...

Advocates emphasized the risks posed to residents of Metro Manila and other coastal cities, warning of increased vulnerability

Pope Francis urges ambassadors to pursue climate action at COP28

Francis, known for his advocacy on environment, underscored the significance of multilateral diplomacy in finding global solutions to crises.

IN PHOTOS: A thirsty struggle | Plight of tobacco farmers in...

Farmers believe that establishing a reliable water irrigation system is crucial to securing a brighter future for the country

All You Need to Know About Amazon’s Mightiest Apex Predator

This majestic big cat grabs your attention and sparks your imagination with its captivating patterns and intense gaze

COP28: to eliminate fossil fuels and save the planet

They fear the encroaching age of renewables and impede its growth. They have only invested a miserly one percent of renewables worldwide

Pope Francis urges immediate climate action at COP28

"The destruction of the environment is not only a personal sin but also a structural one, posing a severe threat to all human beings"

Pope Francis signs interfaith climate statement as part of COP28 summit...

“As religious representatives, let us set an example to show that change is possible and bear witness to respectful, sustainable lifestyles,”

Philippine groups hail filing of proposed climate accountability measures

It aims to facilitate climate reparations to impacted communities through the establishment of a loss and damage fund

Anteaters: Nature’s coolest bug busters

These fuzzy, long-snouted wonders are the ultimate bug busters, armed with a secret weapon that's the envy of the insect world.

Hidden wonders beneath the surface: Freshwater Dolphins

Their survival is intrinsically tied to the health of our freshwater ecosystems, a reminder that their fate is intertwined with our own

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