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Vatican official to international donors: Give Lebanon a chance for a...

The conference raised US$370 million in emergency aid for Lebanon, exceeding a target of $350 million set by French President Macron

Pope Francis expresses wish to visit Lebanon a year after blast

Pope Francis appealed to the international community “to offer Lebanon concrete assistance ... in undertaking a journey of ‘resurrection’”

Pope Francis, Lebanon Christian heads begin summit on country’s crisis

Pope Francis has said he wants to visit Lebanon, but wants fractious politicians to agree on a new government

Lebanon’s top Christian cleric berates politicians as deadlock drags on

"We don't have bread, we don't have medicine, we don't have fuel, what are they waiting for?" said Maronite Patriarch Bechara Boutros Al-Rai

Pope Francis to hold summit with Lebanon’s Christian leaders

Lebanon's three main Christian denominations are Maronite Catholics, Eastern Orthodox and Melchite Catholics

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