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Chinese Communist Party continues crackdown on LGBTQ+ people

Liu Zhaoyang said the crackdown seems to be focused on banning any public expression of sexual minority identities

Filipino drag queen fights for freedom to express faith

For many Filipinos, however, his portrayal of Jesus singing the religious prayer in a drag show was offensive.

Synod on Synodality 2023: A look at the key discussions and...

How do we harmonize bishops’ authority with synodality? How do we find a balance between listening and teaching, mercy and doctrine?

South Korean court recognizes same-sex couple’s rights

Activists have long emphasized the need for legislation against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation

Activists condemn Malaysia ban on LGBTQ books

Malaysia has experienced growing religious fundamentalism in recent years

Philippine gov’t hit for using religion to justify non-passage of laws...

“The government cannot use the Catholic religion to oppose the passage of laws protecting and affirming the rights of LGBTQIA+ people"

Pakistan reverses morality ban on transgender romance movie

Pakistan's information ministry declared the film "repugnant to the norms of decency and morality"

Tokyo recognizes same-sex relationships

The certificates allow LGBTQ partners to be treated as married couples for a range of public services, such as housing, medicine and welfare

Singapore bans film on religious and LGBTQ issues

While the city-state boasts a modern and vibrant culture, attitudes towards homosexuality remain conservative

Christian women movement in India to accept transpersons, LGBT+ as members

“We stand strongest when we stand together, allowing God’s grace to work through us,” said the group

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