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Malaysia lets undocumented migrants work but hardship fears persist

Undocumented migrants can sign up to work in construction, plantations, agriculture and manufacturing, or choose to return to home countries

Anger as Hong Kong court keeps ‘discriminatory’ live-in rule for migrant...

Compulsory rule exposes foreign maids to conditions akin to modern slavery, labor rights advocates say

Al Jazeera report prompts further govt attacks on migrants in Malaysia

Documentary on immigration raids during lockdown opens up a wider debate on xenophobia and an impending employment crisis in the country

Closed borders give rise to new wave of trafficking in Cambodia

With borders still closed to the public, ‘local brokers' are exploiting a section of the population that is drowning in debt

‘Open to exploitation’: Migrant workers in Thai agricultural sector

Difficult circumstances stand in sharp relief to ‘better lives’ migrants sought

Pope defends migrants, calls for peace in his ‘Urbi et Orbi’...

Pope Francis urged the world to let the light of Christmas pierce the "darkness in human hearts" that leads to religious persecution, social injustice,...

Paus serukan aksi global untuk perlindungan migran

Paus Fransiskus menyerukan komitmen global untuk melindungi para migran, terutama perempuan dan anak-anak, dalam pidato publik pertamanya selama kunjungan apostolik ke Thailand pada 21...

Pope calls for global action on protection of migrants

Pontiff praises Thai govt for efforts to fight human trafficking

In Vietnam’s ‘Billionaire Village,’ migrant cash can buy a palace

Even the majestic, renaissance-style church towering over the plush, neighboring villas was built with remittance money donated by the Catholic community

Container deaths reveal how rural Vietnamese make treacherous journey to Europe

Journeys made by Vietnamese migrants are often broken up into stages, at the end of which traffickers request cash from families before they can proceed further

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