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Bishop in Mongolia will be the youngest cardinal

“For me, living this new vocation will mean continuing on the path of littleness, humility and dialogue,” he said

Pope Francis invites Mongolian Buddhists, Catholics to work together to end...

"Through dialogue at all levels, it is urgent to promote a culture of peace and nonviolence and to work for it,” said Pope Francis

Mongolian prime minister submits resignation after COVID-19 protests

Protests erupted over what some Mongolians saw as the inhumane treatment of a COVID-19 patient and her newborn baby

Mongolians protest visit of China diplomat as language dispute simmers

Demonstrators come amid accusations that Beijing is suppressing native language and culture in ethnic Mongolian regions of China

Vatikan dan Mongolia capai kesepakatan kerja sama bersejarah

Tahta Suci dan Mongolia telah mencapai kesepakatan kerja sama bersejarah yang akan memberikan ijin kepada para peneliti Mongolia untuk mengakses arsip dan dokumen rahasia...

Vatican, Mongolia reach historical cooperation deal

Agreement aims to help Mongolians deepen understanding of their own history

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