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Two killed in India protests over remarks against Prophet

Muslims took to the streets in huge numbers to condemn the remarks of an Indian official on the prophet and his youngest wife

Unleashing ‘majoritarianism’

"They have gone overboard in their efforts to denigrate and demonize minorities in India, particularly Muslims and Christians"

SPECIAL FEATURE: Observing Ramadan in India’s Kashmir state

Kashmir, the only Muslim majority state of India, observes Ramadan this year without the health restrictions imposed in the past two years

India’s Hindu hardliners jump on Kashmir blockbuster

"The Kashmir Files" is the latest Bollywood offering to tackle themes close to the political agenda of Modi's Hindu nationalist government

Catholic school in India bans students wearing hijab in classrooms

The school said the ban was based on a government order and a court decision to ban hijab in all educational institutions in the state

Court decision to ban hijab in Indian schools met with mixed...

The court earlier ruled that the wearing of the hijab “does not form a part of essential religious practice in Islamic faith”

Court upholds school hijab ban in India’s south

Karnataka's high court ruled that the wearing of the hijab "does not form a part of essential religious practice in Islamic faith”

Activists, church leaders question ban on hijab in Catholic institutions

“For a piece of cloth are you trying to stop the education of girls?” said a priest, adding that it took years to get the children to school

Security tight in India as schools reopen after headscarf row

Tensions have been high in Karnataka since late last year when at least four schoolgirls were prevented from wearing the Muslim headscarf

Indian court bans all religious clothing amid dispute over hijabs

An Indian court has temporarily prohibited all forms of religious dress in schools while it considers a legal challenge to the hijab ban

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