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As lockdown returns, Malaysians face another bleak Eid

Millions of people are being forced to stay apart from loved ones during the Muslim celebration because of strict restrictions on travel

Indonesia begins Eid al-Fitr travel ban as some try to skirt...

Millions of people in the world’s largest Muslim-majority nation traditionally return home to visit their families for the celebrations

The Indian nun who fasts at Ramadan

For the past 30 years, Sister Gerardette Philips has regularly fasted during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan

Sri Lankan Catholic Church leader calls on Muslims to reject extremism

Groups linked to the so-called Islamic State were responsible for the 2019 Easter Sunday attacks

Global response needed to halt crimes against humanity in Xinjiang, rights...

China’s leadership responsible for systematic policies of mass detention, torture, and cultural persecution, among other offenses, Human Rights Watch says

COVID-19 fears stifle Ramadan in India’s Kashmir

Mosques near empty, minimal business for market vendors as COVID cases surge

Christians and Muslims ‘called to be bearers of hope’

Hope arises from our belief that all our problems and trials have a meaning, reads Vatican statement

French citizens advised to leave Pakistan after serious threats, sources say

‘It's a serious situation and we know that in Pakistan things can escalate quickly,’ diplomatic source says

Rohingya refugees in northern India fear an uncertain future

Threat of deportation looms for more than 150 Rohingya refugees recently detained by police

Watch: Women and girls in Indonesia pressured to wear the jilbab...

Over the past two decades, they have faced unprecedented legal and social demands to wear clothing deemed Islamic

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